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Provide value, quality, service and innovation in all our products and services.


To the best and the most important "supplier partner"; for our clients around the world, in the food preservation field.


Excellence, Integrity, transparency, commitment, respect, inclusion, passion, collaboration and professionalism.


View Fresh was pioneered by Don and Tom Bailey, second and third family generation  of cherry growers in Oregon State, USA. Both professionals, with degrees in physics and chemistry and Packing Management respectively, created the modified atmosphere (MA) package (bag) under the  View Fresh brand, to solve the problem that producers and American exporters of fresh cherries were facing, of not being able to arrive by sea with fresh cherries at distant markets, due to the short post-harvest life inherent in that fruit.

View Fresh® packaging, first introduced in 1992, by Orchard View Farms; patented Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Technology designed specifically to keep export-quality sweet cherries fresh for 35 to 45 days after harvest. of its packaging, in conditions of an adequate cold chain. Thus opening the market for sea shipments for cherries.

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After much research, View Fresh MA technology was commercially implemented in 1993, on the packing line of Orchard View Farms in The Dalles, Oregon, USA, being the first MAP bag of its kind, used in the fresh  sweet cherries industry. Since its inception, the View Fresh bag has been a key tool for exporters of fresh cherries, enabling them to deliver millions of boxes of fresh sweet cherries around the world. Since 1993, Orchard View Farms has been shipping premium sweet cherries by sea to China, Japan and the UK, becoming the pioneer of modified atmosphere packaging technology in the sweet cherry industry. Orchard View Farms has established itself as a world leader in quality in the industry and the View Fresh logo is recognized for that quality.

View Fresh® is used by growers, packers, exporters of export quality sweet cherries in the United States, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, England, Australia, South Africa and Canada, the largest cherry trading countries in the world. Today, the View Fresh MAP product line has expanded into other fruits, such as kiwi, blueberries, apples and other stone fruits.

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