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An important part of our extended product is the customer service, essential to be taken into consideration for the optimal containers’ performance.

Technical Advisory

We guide the client when it comes to chose the most suitable container from our product line, depending on the fruit type, condition and means of  shipping by which it will reach the final consumer, as well as the  post-harvest handling of the different species we work with.

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Gas Measurement

Once the fruit is packed and the MAP container is hermetically sealed, a regular check is made whereby the gases inside the container are measured, to make sure that the required atmosphere is reached, depending on produce/fruit type and the time elapsed since the bag sealing.


An essential aspect for the correct performance of the modified atmosphere technology (MAP) packaging, both the environmental temperature and the fruit’s pulp temperature are checked, as well as other relevant parameters, if required by the client.

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Technical report

Every visit is always backed up with a report sent through our online platform specially designed to keep our clients informed.

Staff Inductions

Every season start has its challenges and one of them is the staff at the packing house, which usually changes every year. For this reason and as support for the client’s process, induction sessions are made to explain to the workers what the modified atmosphere technology is, its benefits, and the value our containers provide, for their success as well as, the correct way the liners should be sealed and handled.

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Season Closing Technical Analysis

The client is presented with an analysis of the different critical points observed by us, during the season regarding their fruit and the packaging process, with their respective conclusions and possible improvements for the following season.

Sealing Machines Lease

Optional for those customers who need it for their View Fresh liners´ sealing process.

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