Apr 142016

View Fresh is looking forward to the 2016 Northern Hemisphere season. Many packing houses from Spain, California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada are making the switch to use the View Fresh Spectrum-Slider for their Cherry and Blueberry MAP needs. The View Fresh Spectrum-Slider is a Modified Atmosphere Packaging bag that is closed simply by using the slider. We are the only Modified Atmosphere Packaging company to offer a solution that has the closure built into the bag. The days of heat-sealing the bag are over; the twist and clip method is outdated, unappealing and can cause compression damage to your fruit. The patent-pending View Fresh Spectrum-Slider is the best solution for your modified atmosphere needs.

The Spectrum-Slider bag was used for commercial trials during the Chilean 2015-2016 season for shipments into China – with excellent results! The View Fresh Spectrum-Slider bag is making a difference inside the packing house by increasing efficiencies and providing a better final product (better open appearance). And it is so easy and safe to use! Receivers in China and across Asia are enjoying the new bag as it is easy to open and easy to close, looks great and is effective.

Enjoy the video about the View Fresh Spectrum-Slider MAP bag (click on link): Spectrum Slider



Aug 212015

View Fresh® Announces the Latest Advancement in Modified Atmosphere Packaging
(Espanol Abajo)

The View Fresh® ‘Spectrum-Slider’ bag dramatically increases packinghouse efficiencies. Now there is a solution for reducing labor costs, increasing profits while delivering premium fresh fruit.

The Dalles, Oregon – Aug 12 2015 –View Fresh®, a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system, specializing in polyethylene bags for the preservation of fresh fruit, announces the release of the View Fresh Spectrum-Slider bag. The View Fresh Spectrum bag is closed by simply using the slider – a first for the MAP industry! The Spectrum-slider bag is faster, easier and safer than any other MAP presently in use within the industry. The patent-pending Spectrum bag eliminates the sealing machine, increases operator throughput and delivers premium fruit with world-class results.

“We are very excited with the launch of this new product. It’s all about lowering labor costs, increasing our efficiencies, and delivering quality; the Spectrum bag does just that”, stated Brenda Thomas, President of Orchard View Farms Inc. She went on to say, “Removing the sealing machines means less potential downtime due to broken equipment and reducing operator injury.”

View Fresh on the cutting-edge:

  • 1992 View Fresh was the first MA bag to deliver premium fresh cherries to China via ocean freight
  • Late 1990’s targeted Chile since it is primarily a fruit exporter
  • 2015 developed the Spectrum-Slider to increase efficiencies and eliminate the need for a sealing machine

Orchard View Farms, Inc., – the owner of the View Fresh® brand is based in The Dalles, Oregon. View Fresh has been a modified atmosphere packaging solution for fresh cherries since 1992. In addition to cherries, View Fresh now offers MAP solutions for kiwi, blueberry and plum fruits. View Fresh is well known for its catchy ‘sun & eye’ logo in Asia and is the preferred MAP bag of choice with Asian importers. Contact View Fresh at info@viewfresh.com or call +(541) 298-4496 for more information.


View Fresh® Anuncia el Último Avance en Envases de Atmósfera Modificada


La View Fresh® ‘Spectrum-Slider’ bolsa aumenta dramáticamente la eficiencia de empaque. Ahora hay una solución para reducir los costos laborales, aumentar los beneficios al tiempo que ofrece fruta fresca de primera calidad.


The Dalles, Oregón – 13 de Agosto 2015 – View Fresh®, un sistema de embalaje de atmósfera modificada (MAP), que se especializa en bolsas de polietileno para la preservación de la fruta fresca, anuncia el lanzamiento de la bolsa View Fresh Spectrum-Slider. La bolsa View Fresh Spectrum está cerrada por el simple uso de la ‘slider’ – una primicia para la industria MAP! La bolsa Spectrum-Slider es más rápido, más fácil y más seguro que cualquier otra bolsa MAP actualmente en uso dentro de la industria. La bolsa Spectrum (patente pendiente) elimina la máquina de sellado, aumenta el rendimiento del operador y entrega fruta de primera calidad con resultados de clase mundial.

“Estamos muy entusiasmados con el lanzamiento de este nuevo producto. Se trata de la reducción de los costos laborales, aumentando nuestra eficiencia, y la entrega de la calidad; la bolsa Spectrum hace precisamente eso “, afirmó Brenda Thomas, Presidente de Orchard View Farms. Ella continuó diciendo, “Extracción de las máquinas de sellado significa menos tiempo de inactividad potencial debido al equipo roto y la reducción de lesiones al operador.”

View Fresh en la vanguardia:

• 1992 View Fresh fue la primera bolsa de AM para entregar cerezas frescas de primera calidad a China a través de envío marítimo

• Desde 1996 dirigidos Chile ya que es principalmente un exportador de fruta

• 2015 desarrolló el Spectrum-Slider para aumentar la eficiencia y eliminar la necesidad de una máquina de sellado

Orchard View Farms, Inc., – el propietario de la marca View Fresh® ubicado en The Dalles, Oregón. View Fresh ha sido una solución de envases de atmósfera modificada para las cerezas frescas desde 1992. Además de las cerezas, View Fresh ofrece soluciones de frutos de kiwi, arándanos y ciruela. View Fresh es bien conocida por su ‘sol y ojo’ logo en Asia y es la bolsa MAP preferido con los importadores asiáticos. Póngase en contacto con View Fresh a ryan.durow@viewfresh.com o llama +(541) 298-4496 para más información.



View Fresh Spectrum-905 Slider – 2.5kg Cherry


Ryan Durow in Hong Kong (July 2015) for a blueberry container arrival with the View Fresh Spectrum-102 Slider. Arrival was perfect, 28 days in transit, fruit looked perfect, tasted perfect, and were in excellent condition.

Ryan Durow in Hong Kong (July 2015) for a blueberry container arrival with the View Fresh Spectrum-102 Slider

Mar 242015

View Fresh added another bag to its line of products this year with the addition of the View Fresh Plum-305 MAP bag. This bag is designed to maintain plums (var. Angeleno) for up to 60 days. Our first year in selling the plum modified atmosphere packaging for plums has been a success for our customers. If you are interested in our View Fresh Plum-305 MAP bag please contact us.

Our blueberry MAP bag continues to have great successes for our customers. Each year our customers are seeing the benefits that implementing our bag into their process brings them. Our View Fresh blueberry MAP bag generates higher pack-outs (less give-a-way per clamshell) and thus more returns. Firmer blueberries also receive higher dollar value and our View Fresh MAP bag helps maintain (and sometimes increases) firmness of your blueberries.

Our View Fresh Kiwi  MAP bag is again a success this season in Chile. Our customers really enjoy the consistent product we provide them and they in-turn enjoy the end results of using our MAP bag.

Interested in any of our Modified Atmosphere Packaging  (MAP bags) please contact us.


Feb 202014

English (Español abajo)

View Fresh is proud to be part of the big success taking place in two small Patagonian towns. Chile Chico, a Chilean Patagonian town is located on lake General Carrera in southern Chile. Los Antiguos, a Argentinian Patagonian town (neighboring Chile Chico) is located on that same lake. Chile Chico is situated on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains and has a micro-climate that is ideal for growing cherries. View Fresh Cherry Modified Atmosphere Packaging bags are supporting the growth and export of these late season cherries to places all over the globe. Both Los Antiguos and Chile Chico are challenged with logistics considering their remote location. Nevertheless, they are able to grow, pack and ship cherries out of the world-famous and breathtaking Patagonia of South America. Our visits to the cherry packers were well received and we look forward to visiting again!
View Fresh wishes the Patagonian Cherry packers much success!

Enjoy some pictures of the visits and of the Patagonia.


View Fresh se enorgullece de ser parte del gran éxito que tiene lugar en dos pequeñas ciudades de la Patagonia. Chile Chico, un pueblo de la Patagonia Chilena se encuentra en el lago General Carrera en el sur de Chile. Los Antiguos, un pueblo de la Patagonia Argentina (vecino Chile Chico) se encuentra en el mismo lago. Chile Chico está situado en el lado oriental de la Cordillera de los Andes y tiene un micro – clima que es ideal para el cultivo de cerezas. View Fresh bolsas de atmósfera modificadas están apoyando el crecimiento y la exportación de estas cerezas de fines de temporada a lugares de todo el mundo. Tanto Los Antiguos y Chile Chico tienen el desafío de logística teniendo en cuenta su ubicación remota. Sin embargo, son capaces de crecer, de embalar y enviar cerezas fuera de la impresionante y famosa Patagonia de América del Sur. Nuestras visitas a los empacadores de cereza fueron bien recibidos y esperamos volver otra vez!

View Fresh desea Patagónico cereza embaladores mucho éxito!

Disfrute de algunas fotos de las visitas y de la Patagonia.


The town of Chile Chico


Chile Chico Cherries located in the Chilean Patagonia Chile


Tasty Patagonian Cherries


Patagonian cherry packer. View Fresh visit to consult on the packing process.


Chile Chico is prone to wind and the Chileans often use wind screens to help reduce the damage wind can cause.


Patagonian Cherry Box Lid


Sign indicating the entry to Southern Crops packing location in Los Antiguos in the Argentina Patagonia


Argentinian Patagonian Cherries



A visit inChile Chico – a Patagonian Cherry Packer.


A great place to stop and eat a tipica churrasco Chileno (sandwich) and enjoy the view of Castle Mountain.







Feb 172014

English (y Español abajo)

View Fresh is continuing its expansion into better and smarter MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) bag technology. Currently, our View Fresh Anti-Fog technology has proven successful in commercial trials and is now being offered to all our customers.

The Anti-Fog bag reduces the condensation on the surface of the bag. As we all know, condensation on the bag surface upon arrival is not looked upon well. With the View Fresh Anti-Fog bag we give the exporter the added benefit of reduced or no condensation on the bag surface. Condensation is typically caused by a temperature change or sometimes when fruit is packed at temperatures too high then placed into cold chambers.

Attached you will see a picture of the Anti-Fog in a Kiwi trial and at a customers laboratory during the Chilean cherry season.


View Fresh continúa su expansión en una mejor y más inteligente MAP (envase de atmósfera modificada) la tecnología de bolsa. En la actualidad, nuestra tecnología View Fresh Anti-Fog ha demostrado su eficacia en ensayos comerciales y ahora está siendo ofrecido a todos nuestros clientes.

La bolsa Anti-Fog reduce la condensación en la superficie de la bolsa. Como todos sabemos, la condensación en la superficie de la bolsa a su llegada no está bien visto. Con la bolsa View Fresh Anti-Fog damos el exportador el beneficio añadido de la reducción o no haya condensación en la superficie de la bolsa. La condensación es generalmente causada por un cambio de temperatura o, a veces, cuando la fruta se envasa a temperaturas demasiado altas luego colocados en cámaras de frío.

Adjunto ver una foto de la Anti-Fog en un ensayo Kiwi y en un laboratorio de los clientes durante la temporada de la cereza Chilena.

Interested? Questions?

Please contact us through the ‘contact us’ page.

View Fresh Management.

View Fresh Anti-Fog Kiwi bag vs. View Fresh Classic Kiwi bag

Classic Bag

View Fresh Classic Bag (Cherry)

View Fresh Anti-Fog Cherry bag

View Fresh Anti-Fog Cherry Bag

Sep 302013

It is that time of year. We are so happy to be shipping to Chile our View Fresh Blueberry MAP bags for the 2013/2014 blueberry season in Chile. Last year we had a very successful season with excellent arrivals to China, Hong Kong, and the U.K. It was so successful that the demand is way up this season! The receivers are recognizing the higher quality on arrival and sellers are receiving higher prices.

Enjoy a few pictures of a container being loaded and shipped with the View Fresh Blueberry MAP bag.

Blueberry bags being loaded into the container

Semi-Truck taking Blueberry bags to the port.

Overseeing the View Fresh blueberry bags headed to Chile.

Apr 302013

View Fresh is happy to see a very strong Kiwi season underway in the beautiful country of Chile. Our View Fresh Kiwi (MAP) bag has been tested and approved by dozens of kiwi packers in Chile (large and small packers). We are very excited to be an approved and validated kiwi modified atmosphere bag provider in Chile. Many of our current View Fresh Cherry MAP bag buyers are also kiwi packers; now we can provide them with the superior product that they are used to receiving for their cherries but, now it will be for kiwi fruit.

We look forward to continuing the success of Chilean fruit packers.

Here’s a link to a picture of our View Fresh MAP bag in process at a Chilean kiwi packinghouse.
Kiwi Pictures

Happy Harvesting!

View Fresh

Feb 142013
View Fresh & Blueberries

Español más abajo:

View Fresh (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) bags have had another successful Chilean year. Arrivals into China have been well received. For those who had fruit arrive around this years Chinese New Year received some very good pricing at both the Shanghai and Guangzhou fruit markets. Good job Chile!

One really exciting event this season is the successful arrivals of blueberries to China in the View Fresh MAP bag. The blueberries from a few Chilean customers have arrived in good condition (zero decay) and with good firmness, color, and taste. View Fresh is proud to help the Chilean blueberry packers reach destinations with reduced costs and better arrivals! We look forward to growing with the blueberry industry as that industry is challenged each year with more and more production. Below are some pictures of blueberries that arrived to Guangzhou.

View Fresh Kiwi:
We had a very successful season last year with dozens of kiwi packers either testing or using our View Fresh Kiwi MAP bag. We are looking forward to providing the Chilean Kiwi Packers with an excellent product that is not only viable option for them to pack their Kiwis into but the View Fresh brand already has a very recognized brand image. Interested in our Kiwi bag? Contact us. We are in Santiago, Chile. Tel: 56 22 220 9600.


View Fresh (envases Atmosfera Modificada) bolsas han tenido un año exitoso Chileno. Llegadas a China han sido bien recibidos. Para los que había fruta llegue en torno a este Año Nuevo Chino recibido algunos precios muy buenos en los dos mercados de Shanghai y Guangzhou. Buen trabajo Chile!

Un evento muy emocionante esta temporada es la llegada de éxito de arándanos a China en la bolsa View Fresh. Los arándanos desde unos clientes Chilenos han llegado en buen estado (cero pudrcion) y con buena firmeza, color y sabor. View Fresh se enorgullece de ayudar a los empacadores arándano Chileno llegar a destinos con costos reducidos y mejores llegadas! Nosotros esperamos crecer con la industria de arándanos como que la industria se enfrenta cada año con una producción cada vez más. A continuación se muestran algunas fotos de arándanos que llegaron a Guangzhou.

View Fresh Kiwi:

Hemos tenido una temporada muy exitosa el año pasado con docenas de empacadores kiwi ya sea probando o usando nuestro Fresh View bolsa MAP Kiwi. Estamos mirando adelante a proveer de los empacadores de kiwi Chileno con un excelente producto que no sólo es opción viable para que puedan embalar sus Kiwis en, pero la marca View Fresh ya tiene una imagen de marca muy reconocida. Interesado en nuestra bolsa de Kiwi o Arandano? Póngase en contacto con nosotros. Estamos en Santiago, Chile. Tel: 56 22 220 9600.

Ryan Durow

Good blueberry arrivals = more profits for Chilean blueberry packers!

VF BB-101 with Smartpac Wrap inside

Blueberries in Guangzhou, China (Feb 7th 2013)

Big and Beautiful Blueberries.
A success story: VF + Chilean Blueberries = Happy Customers in China!

SOLD! Pallet of these blueberries with View Fresh bags sold fast!

View Fresh & Blueberries

Nov 052012

View Fresh is excited about the 2012/2013 harvest year in the Southern Hemisphere. As with every year, View Fresh Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) bags are once again being asked for in great numbers. Chile is expecting a smaller cherry crop than expected (estimates were around 18MM boxes) and the feeling is that 12MM boxes will be produced in total.

We are currently selling our VF 901, VF 905, and VF 927 bags for ocean shipments for the Chilean cherry season.

Our blueberry bag has been a big hit with many blueberry packers. We are currently selling our VF BB-101, VF BB-102 and VF BB-103 bags for ocean shipments for the Chilean blueberry season.

Kiwi bags – after the wildly successful season in 2012 – we will begin offering our Kiwi bags in late January 2013 (VF Kiwi – 421, VF Kiwi-501, VF Kiwi-505)

View Fresh – Freshness Sealed!


Jun 122012

View Fresh is looking forward to a great Northwest harvest in Oregon and Washington U.S.A. Our modified atmosphere packaging bags (MAP) are being sold to many Northwest packers specifically for their export needs. Many local packers understand the great benefit of using our View Fresh Modified Atmosphere bags as a tool to help them gain better returns by increasing their reach to the export markets. A lot of the packers are pleased to know that the vacuum/gas flush is no longer needed when using our MA bag. They appreciate the increased efficiency by only having to heat-seal the bag closed.
It looks to be a very large Northwest cherry crop. Packers are looking for any small advantages to help the bottom line – View Fresh is happy to a part of the solution.

Interested in View Fresh Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking ‘contact us’ link or by calling the number at the bottom of the webpage.

Happy Harvesting and we wish you a Great 2012 Cherry Season!
View Fresh.