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Testimonials For Our MAP Bags

Norman Tarng
Coverings Industrial Corp - Taiwan

“View Fresh Bags [have] been commonly recognized in Asia as the best choice for long term storage. It not only helped a lot on arriving condition [but] also provided more storage life after arriving. With the boxes individually bagged which also helped a lot on marketing side as [a] receiver can piece fruits out every day and the rest [of the] boxes in cold storage can still be maintained in good controlled atmosphere.”

Mr. Wing Yip
Woo Lee Fruit & Vegetable Co – Hong Kong

“We have been receiving the View Fresh bag mainly for cherries from Orchard View Farms [Oregon] and San Francisco [de Mostazal] in Chile. We have sold most of the fruits in Mainland China and [a] small percentage in Hong Kong. In terms of arrival quality and overall appearance, we do think View Fresh bag is one of the best and probably the most popular packaging for cherries…”
Thank you and best regards”

Mr. Sovann Lowe
Mekong River International – Washington State

“[The] View Fresh bag is a magic bag for keeping and storing [of] cherries. There is no doubt that the View Fresh bag can extend the freshness of cherries. Our clients would refuse to take cherries without View Fresh Bag…”

Bill Murray
Agrimax International Inc – Washington State

“We have been pleased with the long-term storage capability of the view fresh bags.  We find our buyers in China have more confidence in this system due to [its] ability to hold the fruit longer on arrival.   Also we find the bag does the best job of keeping the stems fresh.   Overall the development of this bag has allowed us to extend the season in many markets around the world for cherries.”


View Fresh Product Line of MAT bags

Active Cherry BagActive Cherry Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

Passive Cherry BagPassive Cherry Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

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New MAT Bag Products

Passive Blueberry BagPassive Blueberry Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

Passive Kiwi BagPassive Kiwi Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

Passive Melon BagPassive Melon Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

Passive Plum BagPassive Plum Bag
Designed for Ocean Shipments

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